CUSTOM DOG CARTS | Manufacturing and selling the finest dog carts for draft dog competition and recreation.


Custom dog carts three sizes of carts for sale will fit dogs ranging in size from Toys to the Giant breeds - large, medium and small.

  • The brace cart is our newest model, designed for two dogs to pull together.
  • The large cart is designed for giant breeds such as St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, Bernese Mt Dogs, or Swiss Mountain dogs.
  • The medium size cart will fit breeds ranging in size from Beagles, Shelties to Collies or Labradors. The small cart is designed for toy breeds.
  • A  small cart was recently designed and shipped to a Yorkshire Terrier owner for her dog.
We make customized dog carts for small to giant breeds. Since each dog is a different size, correct measurements must be taken for harness and the cart. We can assist you in those measurements. Additionally, the dog's weight is needed to determine the fit of the harness. Our carts are made from an aircraft type aluminum and are sturdy and light weight. The cart is a unique design and features 4 adjustments for axle placement as well as 3 adjustments for shaft height. These features work very well if you are carting with several dogs of differing sizes. The carts are shipped from California via UPS or Fed-Ex.
The cost of the single dog ultra-light weight  aluminum cart and harness is $480 plus tax and shipping.  The cost of a light weight brace cart for two dogs is $500.00. We include a tool kit and an illustrated booklet of how to fit the harness to the dog and the cart. The harnesses are $80 each. Additionally, this cart can be converted so just one dog pulls it. This requires a second set of shafts at $70.00. Shipping is done by UPS and they set the prices based on location, weight, and volume. We only sell a cart with the Modified Siwash harness as we believe  this combination is safest for your dog. The cart's weight depends on  whether 20", 16", 12", 10"  or 8" wheels are used. The cart in the picture shown above has 16" wheels. All carts are designed to hold 40 pounds of weight which the Rottweiler Draft Dog competitions require. Your dog should  never pull more than three times his weight.
Harnesses for Sale
The Modified Siwash Harness is a very important part of carting as it protects your dog by distributing weight around the shafts. It is included in the purchase price with the cart. It is also custom sized for your dog and we will assist you in measuring your dog for it. Colors are available, depending on the supplier at the time of your order.
Email us at or telephone 619-660-0009 for assistance and for free sizing charts.