CUSTOM DOG CARTS | Manufacturing and selling the finest dog carts for draft dog competition and recreation.
Janet Moyer
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Manufacturing and Selling the Finest in Dog Carts Since 2007 for Draft Dog Competition and Recreation


Small Single Cart
12" x 13", 12 1/2" wheels

This cart also works with smaller dogs. Basket is one size, but wheels can be 6" - 12 1/2"

Medium Single Cart
17" x 21" x 7", 16" wheels

The medium size cart will fit medium to large dogs.

Large Single Cart
24" x 18" x 8", 20" wheels

This cart is designed for larger dogs such as St. Bernards, Great Danes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

Medium Brace Cart
16" wheels

Medium and large size dog carts can be made as a Brace Cart. The medium size cart will fit medium to large dogs. 

Brace Cart with 20" wheels

Brace Cart with 16" wheels