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Janet Moyer
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Q: Why dog carting, what good is it?

  • Draft Dog Trial Competitions
  • Taking the family for a picnic with the dog carrying the food in the cart
  • Carrying photo gear, fishing gear, sports gear
  • Carrying groceries
Q: What is the difference between a cart, a sulky, and a wagon?
A: Both a cart and a sulky have two wheels and each is pulled by a dog. A sulky is designed for large to giant breeds to pull with a person sitting on a sulky seat. A wagon has four wheels and with modification can be pulled by a dog.
Q: Are there any height or weight restrictions in ordering a cart?
A. We can easily make a cart for small to large breeds.  We will help you measure your dog's height, weight, and width for our cart and shafts to fit your dog.
Q: Can all dog breeds pull a cart?
A: Yes, if they are willing and if they have the strength to do so. A dog has to be trained to pull a cart. Some love to do it from the first lesson and others take a few lessons to learn.
Q: Beside learning how to pull a cart, what other training helps?
A: We recommend that the dog have some basic obedience training such as sit,  stay, down, stay. I also have my clients teach their dog the following commands, "Gee, haw, or right turn, left turn, slow, fast, stop."