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Janet Moyer
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The MODIFIED SIWASH HARNESS is the standard harness for draft dog carting. It distributes the weight of the cart and cargo around the cart, instead of pulling all the weight from the dog's chest. Harnesses are available for individual sale. Contact us for available color choices and current pricing.

It is made for medium to large dogs.  

There are clips on each top sides of the withers that clip into the harness for the forward girth. The forward girth clips into another clip that is part of the harness. Then the shafts are inserted into the loops. This harness is the draft dog standard for medium to giant breeds. However, if you have a smaller dog the clips fall too low on the side of the dog which results in incorrect placement for the shafts.

It is designed for small dogs.

This harness is used for smaller dogs up to 16” at the withers, and approximately 25 lbs. or less. Shelties, Beagles, French Bulldogs, are examples of smaller breeds that benefit from this harness.

This harness works as it does not have the clips at the top sides of the dog’s harness as seen on the standard Siwash harness. Instead, there is a loop at the top of the harness. You thread the forward girth through the big loop. then adjust the loops on each end of the forward girth. The loops are now hanging on each side of the dog. You now insert the shafts into a loop on each side of the dog.

The loops can be shortened or lengthened as needed. Be sure that the shafts are now parallel to the ground. Use the loops to make the adjustment.

TAKE-APART SHAFTS, invented by Custom Dog Carts

Take-Apart Shafts enable you to put your cart and shafts in a car, wagon, or SUV very easily. They also reduce shipping costs as they usually fit inside the carton containing the cart.

These shafts are shown disassembled. They are easy to put back together by matching the holes in both pieces of the shafts and inserting the pin through the two holes. They are strong enough for the dog to pull the cart with weights in it.

Very handy for getting into and out of vehicles. A separate and additional pair of Take-Apart Shafts with brakes is $ 150 plus shipping, as a new set of shafts will have to be custom made to fit the dog.

WEIGHT INSERTS by Custom Dog Carts

Weight Inserts are made to fit into the baskets of the dog carts. The sturdy insert can be attached to the dog cart with nuts and bolts. The insert is made for weights with round hole in the middle.

Perfect for draft dog competitions as the weights are centered on the axle and the weights do not move around. This insert has been successfully tested in draft dog competition. The cost of the Weight Insert is $ 75 plus shipping.


Good for rough terrain and long hauls as in the draft dog competition trials, or if you simply don’t want to be inflating tires. If ordered with a cart, add $ 55 to the order.

An original design by Custom Dog Carts

If a dual use cart is desired, you can order the kit to transform the Brace Cart to a Single Cart and then back to a Brace Cart. This conversion has to be part of an original order due to some welding.The Conversion Kit consists of a separate pair of Take-Apart Shafts with brakes and a single tree. The cost is an additional $ 150.