CUSTOM DOG CARTS | Manufacturing and selling the finest dog carts for draft dog competition and recreation.


The Modified Siwash Harness is especially good for carting as it distributes the weight of the cart and cargo around the cart, instead of pulling all the weight from the dogs chest. Harnesses are available for individual sale. Contact us for available color choices.

Custom Dog Carts Weight Inserts are made to fit our dog carts. The sturdy insert can be attached to the dog cart with nuts and bolts. The insert is made for round weights with a middle hole. Perfect for draft dog competitions as the weights are centered on the axle and the weights do not move around. This insert has been successfully tested in draft dog competition.
Detachable Shafts enable you to put your cart and shafts in a car, wagon, or SUV very easily. They also reduce shipping costs as they usually fit inside the carton containing the cart.
The Detachable Shafts are shown disassembled. They are easy to put back together by matching the holes in both pieces of the shafts and inserting the pin through the  2 holes. They are strong enough for the dog to pull the cart with weights in it.