CUSTOM DOG CARTS | Manufacturing and selling the finest dog carts for draft dog competition and recreation.
Janet Moyer
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Custom Dog Carts established in 2007.

Janet Moyer is the founder and manufacturer of Custom Dog Carts. Bruce Shryers, a master of metals, makes the carts from the highest quality aluminum for the business.

Janet started the company as an alternative activity for CLOUD, a work-a-holic Shetland Sheepdog when he retired from sheep herding.

Carting is a low impact activity, a perfect fit for him. He was still young enough that he needed a job to deal with the energy. CLOUD loved carting from his first lesson. This led to making carts for other dogs under the Custom Dog Cart banner.

Our carts are made with safety in mind and are perfectly balanced for ease in pulling.  A proper draft dog Siwash harness is included with eat cart, either the standard Siwash harness or the Old Style harness made for smaller dogs.


for ease placing in your vehicle.

for harness fit and fitting dog to the cart

for sturdy attachment of weights for draft Dog competitions.

to change a brace cart into a single cart and back to a brace cart if desired.

~ CARTS FOR OTHR SPECIES including goats and a min-horse.

Carts are available in three different sizes for breeds ranging in size from small to giant. We regret that we cannot make carts for Toy breeds.


Carting is fun for the dog and the handler and provides gentle exercise for both. You can use them for recreation or for draft competition.

Come join the fun!